Not Just A Retail Store....So, What do we do??

Raft Rental- IK Rental & Equipment Rental

  From Inflatable Kayaks to 2 person Mini Max, all the way up to 16' Rafts, our fleet is the best maintained and readily available for rent. Qualified individuals can get a rental package including PFD's, Helmets, Paddles, Throwbag, Repair Kit, Bowline, Cooler, Dry Box, even Frames and Oars.

Dry Suit Rentals & Repairs (Year Round)

In addition to selling rafts and accessories, Pacific River Supply is one of the west coast's largest Dry Suit Rental locations. *** See Below for Dry Suit Rental Form***

We also do some Dry Suit Repair; Gasket Replacement (Neck, Wrist, and Ankle) Light seam wear, Pinhole identification and patch.

Raft & Inflatable Kayak Repair

Do you have a raft, IK, cataraft tube or other inflatable that has a hole, leak, tear, blown seam or worse? Bring it by!!! 

We do all sorts of repair, replacement, upgrade, add on and more. From PVC to Hypalon, even vinyl! If it can hold air, we can typically fix it.

The PRS "Family"

The Carlson Design items have had a longstanding standard of top quality and durability...With the addition of The Summit River Gear and our Custom Mesh Bags and Custom Embroidery, we Boast MADE IN THE USA with pride.  

Trusted & Proven

Numerous times a year we send our rafts and equipment to the Grand Canyon, The Salmon River, Rogue River and every other raftable waterway in between, to be put to the test against this sports most exciting rapids. Quality gear, professionally maintained and serviced.

Repair Expertise

With over 35yrs of combined whitewater rafting California and repair experience, we've seen it AND done it all: 

  • I-Beam Replacement
  • V-Tape Repair
  • Valve replacement/Repair
  • PVC Patch Jobs
  •  D-Ring addition
  • And Many More....

Avon, Hyside, Achillies, Sotar, Sevylor, Leafield, Haulkey Roberts, Aire, NRS