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Drysuit Rental Form

Drysuit rentals: 1-4 days=$125; 5-10 days=$175; 11-20 days $225; 21-30 days=$275. We allow reasonable time in transit no charge. We usually ship the suits to arrive to you 2-3 days before your course and you will need to postmark back to us  within 2 days of end of trip/course to avoid extra charges.

To determine availability of a drysuit please fill out the following form. We will need your full address to ship but only need zip code to determine time in transit to you. Or call 510-223-3675
Most of our drysiuits are Kokatat gortex suits with sock feet and relief zippers. We have both men and women sizing. We also have a few other brands that fit different body dimensions.

We regularly rotate our suits. Some rental drysuits are also available for sale

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