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Founded in the early 1970's by Jim Cassidy, Pacific River Supply Company has steadily grown to become one of the most knowledgeable and specialized sellers of inflatable whitewater rafts and inflatable kayaks in the outdoor industry.

Old-time customers still visit the store and reminisce about when years ago they purchased a military surplus raft from Cassidy. Back then he ran the business out of a house trailer that doubled as his home. Pacific River Supply Co. long ago outgrew that trailer. These days there is still a bit of military surplus gear in the product mix, but not much. Instead it's the newest and best and the most proven of products on the shelf.

In the years since that trailer, our staff has explored rivers around the world, from above the Arctic Circle in Alaska to Costa Rica to Siberia to just about every major river drainage in Western North America. That breadth of experience means we can speak confidently about the products we are offering for sale because we have field tested them under adverse conditions.

Founder Jim Cassidy participated in designing the first practical self-bailing white water rafts. He also pioneered some of the classic Class V whitewater runs in California, logging the first commercial descents on the Cal Salmon, Burnt Ranch Gorge and Forks of the Kern, among other rivers. Later, Cass traded in his paddle raft and turned his attention to helping develop the sport of river boarding.

Cass has also authored three white-water guide books. The first was California Whitewater, A Guide to the Rivers, which was published in 1984. Ten years later Western Whitewater, From the Rockies to the Pacific followed; temporarily out of print. World Whitewater was published in the spring of 1999. Jim Cassidy is now enjoying retirement and continues to give us expert advice.

In 1986 Mike Martell joined the business. Mike's solid business background helps Pacific River Supply Co. run professionally and smoothly. In addition, as an accomplished international boater, Mike clearly understands the varied equipment needs of river runners from around the world. Good customer service is a top priority for him.

He regularly works with the accounts of outfitters from California and throughout the world.
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